Do you ship internationally?
Yes! Unfortunately, we don't get to set shipping rates and international shipping can get pricy. 
We can ship guitar picks and stickers internationally for cheap with no trackingif you're interested in that, email hello@annereburn.com and we'll get it started. 

How are orders fulfilled?
It varies, so check out the description of each product for more details. Certain items are dropshipped, which means they are printed and sent to you as soon as you order, hot and fresh! Other items are stocked in limited quantities by Anne herself and are sent out with a signed postcard in each order. 

What size should I order?
Our size chart might help you decide!
The tees are 100% cotton, so they will shrink a little. The sweatshirts shrink less.

How do I return or exchange an item?
Oh no! Email hello@annereburn.com and we'll get the process started.

I think my order is lost.
Please send an email to hello@annereburn.com and include your order number.